Saturday, 2/22/20
Monday, 2/24/20

Bloco: Malê de Balê

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Malê de Balê has been called by the New York Times, the “largest Afro-Ballet in the World.” A Carnival spectacle to behold, Malê takes to the streets of Salvador with some 150 percussionists and 1500 dancers in tow. The Bloco's name, Malê de Balê, was inspired by the "Malê Revolt,” a slave rebellion that occurred in Salvador in 1835. Their Carnival themes celebrate and explore elements of their African identity and cultural heritage. The band hails from Itapuã, one of Salvador's liveliest beach neighborhoods. They can be seen there in their pre-carnival rehersals at the Lagoa de Abaeté in Itapuã on Sunday nights.

Shop Carnival Tickets (Abadás) Now!
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