Saturay, 2/22/20
Bloco Timbalada
Tuesday, 2/25/20
Camarote Planeta Band

Timbalada is one of the most original and popular bands to come out of Bahia in recent decades. Founded in 1993, Timbalada is the creation of Carlinhos Brown, master percussionist and composer, who still maintains close association with the band and writes many of its big hits. His composition and prize-winning songs, Margarida Perfumada, A Latinha, Maimbê Dandá, Cadê Dalila read like a “greatest hits” of recent Carnivals, and are still heard regularly. "Timbalada" comes from the drum they play, the timbao, though the band has evolved over the years from its origins as a percussion ensemble into its current, band-like format with an afro-pop sound. Easily recognizable because of their white tribal body paint, Timbalada is always one of the most anticipated attractions of Carnival.

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