Saturday, 2/6/16
Bloco: Coco Bambu

Sunday 2/7/16   Monday 2/8/16   Tuesday 2/9/16
Bloco: Me Abraca

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"Bota pra ferver" here comes Asa de Águia to "heat the party to a boil" as goes one of their carnival song! Started in 1987, Asa de Águia, which translates as "Eagle’s Wings," have long established themselves as one of the most popular axé bands on the carnival circuit. Their sound, a lyrical pop, is characterized by catchy melodies on top of uptempo beats. Asa de Águia have achieved huge national success and are known for having a legion of fans who follow them wherever they play. During carnival, they are always a popular draw, especially with Brazilian tourists from the South. Asa de Águia won Best Carnival Song in 1999 with Dança do Vampiro, and in 2007 with Quebra Aê.

Shop Carnival Tickets (Abadás) Now!
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