Friday, 2/5/16

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The Aviões do Forró brought a new sound to Salvador's Carnival in 2010. Their style of music, Forró, is "couples dancing" music, traditionally heard in June around the time of the harvest fest, Sao Joao. Adapting their sound to fit the Bahian summer, the band has tweaked their music by speeding it up and "electronicizing" it, giving it an "axé" edge. The band's name, Aviões, is derived from a term used to describe a beautiful women, an "avião" or plane. Fittingly, the trademark of the band is its troupe of six female dancers. The band attained national stardom with a sexually explicit song "Chupa que é de Uva" which translates clumsily to, "Suck it like it's a grape." Unlike most other Carnival bands, Aviões do Forró is not from Salvador, but rather hails from Forteleza, a city in the northern state Ceará.

Shop Carnival Tickets (Abadás) Now!
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