Friday, 2/5/16  
Saturday, 2/6/16

Bloco: Nana Banana

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Unquestionably the most popular and beloved of all the Axé bands, “Sou Chicleteiro” is the rallying cry of the wealth and privilege. Not coincidentally, a night out with the band is the most expensive Carnival ticket in town. But it’s not just the wealthy who love these guys, no other band electrifies the Carnival masses like Chiclete. Watch your hats, and your wallets, when Chiclete passes, the carnival crowds go crazy! One of the first and most important bands in the history of Axé music, Chiclete Com Banana essentially invented the modern trio elétrico. Their innovation was to go BIG by adding massive amplification to a giant 18-wheel truck. Chiclete plays carnival with three different Carnival blocos; Cameleão, which regularly wins best Carnival bloco (Barra Circuit) and has a more mature following; Nana Banana for the next generation of Chicleteiros; and Voa-Voa, the bloco which closes out Carnival taking to the street sometime after midnight on Tuesday night.

Shop Carnival Tickets (Abadás) Now!
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