Monday, MARCH. 4TH

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Bob Sinclar is a French Dj and producer who's integrated elements from a variety of musical styles into his House music blend. Since the year 2000, his hits have climbed the European Billboard charts, but big time success arrived in 2005 when he scored a worldwide hit with the he single "Love Generation," a single that reached #1 in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Hungary and Mexico. "Love Generation" became one of the official anthems for 2006 FIFA World Cup, and not coincidentally, his popularity in Brazil began to surge. In 2009, Bob did a club mix of the Bahian forro tune, "Eu Só Quero um Xodó", with Salome de Bahia.

Bob Sinclar made his first Carnival appearance in Salvador in 2010 and has been a Carnival regular ever since. This Carnival 2019, he can be seen on Monday night, 3/4/19, appearing in an off circuit event called Carnavalito at Fonte Nova Arena, the local team's football stadium.

Shop Carnival Tickets (Abadás) Now!
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