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Native son of Bahia from the interior town of Santo Amaro, Caetano Veloso is a national cultural icon. From a musical family, his sister, Maria Bethania, is a nationally recognized recording artist. With a background in philosophy, Caetano is known for his thoughtful lyrics. Along with Gilberto Gil, Caetano spearheaded the Tropicalia movement in the late 60s. His ideas were perceived as a threat by Brazil’s military regime and resulted in his exile from in 1969.

An international cultural figure, Caetano’s music has been used in film soundtracks by directors such as Spain's Pedro Almovar. Always interested in film, Veloso was invited to the 75th anniversary of the Academy Awards where he performed a song used in the film, Frida. With a total of five Latin Grammy awards, Caetano has won more than any other Brazilian performer. He is one of the most prolific Brazilian recording artists with a huge catalog of studio and live albums.

These days, Caetano’s sound is sophisticated bossa nova, his poetic lyrics set upon clean jazz harmonies. He’s been called the “Bob Dylan of Brazil” by the New York Times, a commentary on his reflective lyrics. His music owes more to the creator of bossa nova, Joao Gilberto, an influence he readily admits. While Caetano doesn’t lead his own band during Carnival, he is a constant presence, a cultural ambassador who is always received as Carnival royalty.

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