Camarote Brahma

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Thursday thru Tuesday
Camarote Brahma
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Barra/Ondina 3:00PM - 5:00AM
All Inclusive
  • Location: Barra, Barra Vento Restaurante (near "Christ Statue)
  • Dates: Thursday, 2/28 through Tuesday, 3/4/14
  • Hours: 3pm to 5am (except Thursday, 6pm to 5am)
  • Age Limit: 18 years old
  • Infrastructure/Amenities:

    Viewing area: Viewing area which fronts the carnival circuit; Back of Camarote overlooks the sea and the lighthouse

    Restaurant Paris 6
    Gourmet Court with pizza, temaki, Bob's Hamburgers
    Breakfast spread by Bauducco

    Massage Room
    Beauty Salon: Hair, Make up, nails, & customization of abadás

    Security Staff
    Medical Services (if needed)

  • Attractions:

    Club/Discotech hosted by New York Club "Pink Elephant" 

    Stage for live performances:

    Thursday, Feb. 27th: Claudia Leitte / Ivo Meirelles + Mr Catra

    Friday, Feb. 28th: Simoninha + Péricles

    Saturday, Mar. 1st: Ivo Meirelles + Fernanda Abreu / Simoninha  + Diogo Nogueira

    Sunday, Mar. 2nd: Simoninha + Marcelo D2 / Ivo Meirelles + Luiz Carlos (Raça Negra)

    Monday, Mar. 3rd: Ivo Meirelles + Toni Garrido (Cidade Negra)

    Tuesday, Mar. 4th: Ivo Meirelles + Acadêmicos do Salgueiro joined by Viviane Araujo

  • Open Bar:

    Beer, whisky, vodka, soft drinks, and mineral water

  • Catering:

     Food court with food sold by the following restuarants: Ercolano, Shiro (sushi), Sandwich Hall (hamburgers), Subway (sandwiches) e Viva Gula (desert)

  • Band/Bloco Affiliation:

    Claudia Leitte is the Camarote's "Official Ambassador" and she will do a "pocket show" on opening night, Thursday, Feb. 27th.

    Camarote Brahma also will have celebrities join their party.  The following celebrities have special invites:

    27/fev - Junno Andrade
    28/fev - Márcio Garcia
    01/mar - Danielle Winits
    02/mar - Fernanda Souza
    03/mar - Sheron Menezes
    04/mar - Vanessa Giácomo

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