What is a Camarote?

Camarote SumPageCamarotes are "party boxes" that line the carnival circuit from which you can watch the carnival blocos and theirtrio elétricos (sound trucks with carnival bands) as they pass by. They also function as a "party inside the party" complete with Dj's, live bands, bars, food facilities, as well other types of entertainment options from “chill-out” rooms to beauty salons, to internet rooms, etc. The camarote provides a secure, comfortable area from which to watch the trio elétricos while at the same time offering a “carnival ball” style party of their own to those inside.

Are all camarotes the same? They are all variations on the same idea, i.e., viewing box on the circuit, “party within the party,” but they do vary in what “bells and whistles” they offer and this is reflected in their prices which range from BR$500 per night up to BR$2500 per night. And, as is usually the case, you usually get what you pay for.


More information on Camarotes can also be found here.

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