Note: Information last updated in December 2019


From Europe

Air Europa, Madrid to Salvador

Condor, Frankfurt to Recife + domestic leg to Salvador

TAP, Madrid to Salvador


From the USA

American Airlines,
Miami to Sao Paulo or Rio + domestic leg to Salvador

Latam Airlines,
Miami to Salvador, Friday, once per week

United Airlines
Miami/Houston to Rio/Sao Paulo
Rio/Sao Paulo to Salvador

Copa Airlines,
Flights from USA via Panama City to Salvador

Azul Airlines,
Ft. Lauderdale to Salvador



From Australia

Sydney to Santiago, Chile

Sydney to Santiago, Chile

Sydney to Buenos Aires, Argentina

With flights out of Australia, you will need to first fly to either Chile or Argentina before moving on to Brazil. There are also more expensive flights routed through Johannesburg, South Africa


Brazilian Domestic Airlines




While in Brazil, one cannot buy tickets online with these Brazilian domestic airlines unless you have a Brazilian credit card and a CPF (a Brazilian Tax Number). Therefore, you’ll need to contact a travel agency in order to purchase a ticket.

Air travel within Brazil has become increasingly expensive over the last couple of years. Further complicating matters, Brazilian airlines price based on availability. This means that as fewer seats are available, the price for the remaining seats rises.  Therefore, the sooner you buy your air ticket, the better price you are likely to get. Moreover, as so many people fly into Salvador for Carnival, both international and domestic flights fill up quickly. If you wait too long to purchase your airfare, you may not be able to find a seat and if lucky enough to find one, you’ll probably be unlucky enough to have to pay an exorbitant price for it. Moral of the story: buy early, be happy later.

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