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EdCity gets it's name from it's charasmatic singer, Edcarios da Conceicao Santos. Eddy got his start with the pagode band Fantasmao (Ghost) who created an identity for themselves using ghostly black and white face paint. Fantasmao tweaked the standard pagode sound by integrating elements of Hip hop and Metal Rock into their music, a style they called "Rap Groovado." In Carnival 2010, American rapper Ja Rule joined the band for an evening on top of their trio. Kuduro, their hit that year, celebrated the strong cultural ties between Angola and Brazil. In typical pagode fashion, the song served up a sexually explicit double entendre that had all of Salvador smiling; while for the Angolans, Kudoro refers to a style of music, for Brazilians it means "stiff ass."  For Carnival 2014, Edcity was joined by football great Ronaldinho Gaucho who recorded a samba with the band that year.

Shop Carnival Tickets (Abadás) Now!
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