Known as the Dodô circuit in tribute to the creator of the first Trio Elétrico.

The neighborhoods of both Barra and Ondina are upper middle-class neighborhoods. High-rise condo towers face sandy beaches backed by blue sea.

The Barra/Ondina carnival circuit tends to attract gente bonita or "pretty people" as the Brazilians call them. Who are the gente bonita? Brazilians who have money, education, and pedigree. Carnival in the streets of Salvador, however, is not a socially stratified affair; nor would one expect it to be in a city where one often finds the rich and the poor living in close proximity. Come carnival, all types of people, rich/poor, black/white/brown, brincar (play) together on the streets of the Barra/Ondina circuit.

Musical fare is served by popular carnival blocos led by axé stars such as Daniela Mercury, Timbalada, and Chiclete com Banana, among others, who commandeer from the heights of their trio elétricos. The Barra/Ondina circuit is where most of the camarotes, upscale viewing/party boxes, are found.

Geographically, the Barra/Ondina circuit is a beach circuit that runs a straight line as it makes its way up the coast. It starts at the lighthouse in Barra and ends four kilometers later in Ondina. That's five carnival hours later if you're behind a trio elétrico!

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