Other Places of Interest

Samba Stage
Rock Stage
Children's area 
Diversity Vila (Gay)
Carnival in the Neighborhoods

Salvador's Carnival is massive! Besides the action found on the three principal carnival circuits, there are several other areas/events that may be of interest. Here they are;

Samba and Orchestra stage

Location: Praça Cruz Caida (located in the historic center directly off of Praça da Se).

Time: 7pm to 3am, Friday, 2/21 through Tuesday, 2/25/20

Rock Stage

Location: Praia de Piata. Note: this location is not in the city center area, but rather out on the city's orla or coastline).

Time: 5pm to 2:30am, Saturday, 2/22 through Tuesday, 2/25/20

Children's Area

Location: Campo Grande, Praça Largo dos de Julho (Main Square)

Time: 13hrs - 17:30hrs Friday, 2/21 through Tuesday, 2/25/20

Note: of interest to little kids and parents only

Beco dos Cores (Gay Friendly Area)

Location: Barra, Rua Dias d'Ávila (Beco Off)

Time: 7pm till after midnight, Thursday, 2/20 through Tuesday 2/25/20

Ilê Aiyê traditional night in Liberdade:

Location: Ladeira do Curuzu, Liberdade

Time: 2/22/20, Saturday night

The internationally renowned Bloco Afro makes its annual carnival march from their home neighborhood, Liberdade, the "Harlem of Salvador", all the way to the Campo Grande/Centro circuit. It's an event that has the cultural cache to bring the stars out. In Carnival 2010, Naomi Campbell joined Ilê Aiyê for their Saturday night run. If you don't want to miss any of the carnival action on the principal carnival circuits, you don't need to go to Liberdade to see them. Sometime around 3am or 4am on early Sunday morning, Ilê Aiyê will show up and parade on the Campo Grande/Centro Circuit.

Carnival in the barrios (neighborhoods)

In an attempt to ease the congestion in the city center, the city government has started a program bringing Carnival to some of the neighborhoods outside the city center. There will be nightly programming in these neighborhoods, Cajazeiras, Itapoã, Periperi, Liberdade, Plataforma.

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