Your shirt is your Carnival Ticket!

The abadá is the quintessential piece of carnival clothing; it is the shirt one buys to join a carnival bloco or enter a camarote party. For all they cost, there is surprisingly little to them. They are colored t-shirts emblazoned with a hologram that identifies the bloco (or camarote), the day, and the circuit for which the shirt is valid for (this hologram is usually somewhere up around the chest and shoulder). An abadá is good for ONE NIGHT ONLY so make sure that you're got on the right shirt for the right night.

The abadá is usually worn on top of whatever shirt you're wearing and is therefore made out of lightweight fiber. As it is mandatory that one wears the abadá while inside the corded area of a bloco (or inside a camarote party), Brazilians, particularly women, go to great lengths to have their abadás stylishly tailored. If you plan on cutting your abadá yourself be careful not to mutilate the identifying hologram that's sewed into the shirt. Besides providing identifying information, the hologram also has a security function allowing one to distinguish between a legitimate abadá and a pirated one. And, you can be sure, as much as an abadá costs these days, there is no shortage of counterfeit shirts out there! Note, if your abadá is for a camarote, many of the camarotes include seamstress services so that you can have your abadá custom cut when you get to the party.

How to purchase Carnival Tickets (Abadás) for the carnival blocos and camarotes?

We, Salvador Carnival Guide, can help you with that.

Step 1) Consult with Our Carnival Consultant: If you have any questions as to which bloco to join, which camarote has the best party, or where the thickest action is on any given night, our carnival consultant can help you figure out the when, why, and where for your particular group.

Step 2) After you've figured out what bands/blocos and camarotes you would like to do, send us the money, and we purchase them for you.

Step 3) When you arrive, we deliver your abadás to you wherever you may be staying.

Reasons to use Salvador Carnival Guide for your purchases:

We make it simple: Decide what you want, and we purchase your gear for you upon payment. This way, you don't have to wade through all those complicated Portuguese Only sites where, when you've finally figured out how to make a purchase, you're asked for your CPF, the Brazilian equivalent of a social security number.

Save lots of time: Avoid battling terrible traffic and waiting in horrific lines when picking up your purchases here in Salvador. We make it easy! We will deliver your purchases to you at the apartment, hotel, or pousada, wherever you may be staying. Believe me, the last thing you are going to want to do is spend half your day standing in massive lines!

Payment methods: Creditcard (online via Freshbooks); Bank Wire Transfer (to our Citibank account in the United States); Direct Deposit at Citibank (United States only).

Need assistance buying your Carnival Tickets (Abadás)? Salvador Carnival Guide can help! Click here to get started!

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