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Mariene de Castro is a rising star! This talented singer has a mesmerizing beauty and a charismatic presence. From a humble family in the interior of Bahia, she was recognized at school to have a talent for singing and was convinced by her teachers to put down the guitar and focus on singing. Soon, Mariene headed for the big city, Salvador, where she started her professional career as a back up singer for bands like Timbalada, Carlinhos Brown, and Marcia Freire (of Cheiro de Amor). It didn't take long for the international world to take notice. In 1996, on her first professional gig in Pelourinho, she was seen by two French producers who were looking for an emerging artist to promote. They booked her to do a tour of 20 cities in France. In 2004, Mariene de Castro was awarded the Braskem Music prize resulting in her first CD, Abre Caminho. In 2010, Universal Music signed Mariene to a recording contract and her second album, a DVD recorded live at Santo da Casa, the space where she regularly performs in Salvador. Keep an eye out for Mariene on the Campo Grande circuit where she is usually found.

Shop Carnival Tickets (Abadás) Now!
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